Issue #1: Rebuilding Our Workforce

As a software and systems engineer, I have had the privilege of working on both cutting edge and long standing technology. It is clear that the world is moving forward technologically at a rapid pace. In order to build the Alabama in which I believe my future grandchildren can thrive, we must focus on creating opportunities for modern jobs in this state. As times change, economies change as well.


Issue #2:  Ensuring Affordable Healthcare with an Innovative Approach

In my lifetime, I have lost loved ones to preventable diseases simply because they received either no or subpar care. Sometimes this happened because their insurance was not good enough, others it was because there simply was not a doctor near enough to provide the best care. Additionally, when neither of these conditions were met, I lost a very dear friend after several trips to the doctor yielded prescriptions but no diagnosis until it was too late to effectively treat his cancer. I have know working families who went bankrupt for only trying to keep a father alive. Alabama must step up to the challenge of improving healthcare for its citizens. It is a lack of political will and the apparent inability to entertain new and different ideas that holds us back. The people of this state have limited access to both good healthcare and affordable insurance. We should not allow our populace to be one bad diagnosis away from bankruptcy. Affordable healthcare will require a new approach. I hope to bring innovative ideas to this debate. It is far too important to continue having the same arguments I debated as a high school student in the 90's.

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Issue #3: Investing in Our Students, Educators, and Schools

I am the father of three children. My children are all enrolled in Alabama public schools. I want the best for them. Other young professional parents want good public schools for their children too. Our children will inherit Alabama, and parents must build the kind of community and economy that can nurture the youth and create long term prosperity for them locally as they become adults. This requires representation that will fight for every child to give them the type of education and social support that can elevate any to their fullest potential. This requires representation that will fight for every teacher to ensure they have the salary, the facilities, the tools, and the flexibility to adapt as needed to meet ever changing student needs. This requires representation that fights for dedicated revenue, for creative ways to get it without imposing a larger tax burden on Alabama citizens, and for accountability that demands funding be focused and effective.